The farm was established in 1983 with the beautiful Arabian horse in the breed ring and on the competitive trail.  
In 1992 I was introduced to the miniature horse and as they say "the rest is history" I was in love.  I focus on
raising a horse for the entire family to love and enjoy, whether you are looking for a family pet, or a top winning
show horse.  I wish you were here in person for a cup of coffee, a visit to the barn, and good conversation!
The farm is located on 5 acres east of Norman, OK,  30 minutes from Oklahoma City and within easy access of
I-40 or I-35. Arabesque Acres is family owned and operated and is dedicated to raising quality, not quantity.

My herd is a  small group of quality mares and stallions along with a great group of geldings. Recent changes in
my breeding focus has brought to the farm a exceptional group of Shetlands, both ASPC and AMHR/ASPC
registered who will join the AMHR registered horse who already call Arabesque Acres home.
Davilene "Davie" Killman
Norman, OK 73026
(405) 321-8130 or (405) 630-9976
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Last Updated: December 2011
Welcome to Arabesque Acres
May all who visit enjoy their tour

Wishing everyone a safe, productive foaling season and a show
season filled with enjoyment, good competition and many wins!